Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear Shoemoney, Pick Me!

First off, thanks for the opportunity ShoeMoney.  It's no BS guys like you that make learning fun, and trusting experts easier…So on that note, here's my plea...I mean post.

Simply put, I'm at a crossroads in my career.  I've been an Affiliate Marketer for the last 3 years.  I've made decent coin as an online entrepreneur, enough to sustain my lifestyle, but nothing groundbreaking (at least compared to what everyone claims to make online).  About a year ago I decided to expand my horizons and took a "regular" job at a fairly large Internet Marketing agency.  Not so much for the purpose of making money, but rather to get exposure to how agencies conduct business at an enterprise level and to grow my circle of influence in the IM space.  To be honest, most of my "networks" and relationships were all paid for.  Granted I've made some good contacts and lifelong friends, but joining coaching programs, private masterminds, I got a bit jaded from all the same shit being rehashed around and sold to eager IMers like me coming up in the game.  So landing this gig at the agency was certainly a blessing given I've made more great friends who are talented in their own right. 

With this, however, also came the dreaded 'rat race'.  I've been working in the "corporate world", and I must admit I've gotten somewhat bogged down by office politics, pecking orders and being surrounded by mildly robotic SEO's and paid search teams who surprisingly don't understand or care much about affiliate marketing.  Sometimes I feel like they all look at me like I'm some crazy, mad scientist when I share monetization or traffic strategies.  Other times I feel like they look at me like I'm some snake oil online salesman peddling useless ebooks, magic potions and scam weight loss programs.  They just don't get it.  They don't get that affiliate marketing is all about testing, pushing the envelope, figuring out what's possible while always striving to provide value to the consumer. 

Guess I'm just griping here, but my point is that affiliate summit is a God send for guys like me.  This is the place I don't have to explain myself, where I would just fit in.  Where I can share creative ideas with other like minded entrepreneurs who aren't just about pleasing their bosses, upper management or posturing themselves so everyone thinks they know everything.  It would be a place for me to escape the bureaucratic red tape that more often than not stifles creative ideas I've picked up online as an affiliate marketer over the last few years.  And it would be the place for me to get re-inspired and get off my complacent @ss and make major moves with the skills I have.

Affiliate summit and the opportunity to roll with you would be like winning the lottery for me at this point.  As things stand, I just feel stuck.  Since you "really enjoy doing this because it could really change the life of the winner", here's your chance.  I'd be your biggest win, most sincere testimonial, most genuine advocate and ultimately a life you changed.  I need a mentor like you to roll with, even if it's just at affsummit.  And you could use a 'student' like me.  I'm hungry, driven and committed to putting into action the knowledge I get. 

So you can see I am clearly at a fork in the road;  one way leads to continuing the corporate ladder climb.  The other leads to a destiny I control and a life that every IMer desires (to quit the J.O.B and have the freedom to not have to work for someone else).  If you choose me, I'm confident, more importantly, YOU can be confident, that your knowledge and generosity would get me one step closer to making so many big things happen.  I'm at the tipping point my friend.   You can feel confident that when you choose me as your contest winner, it would definitely be a catalyst for me to have a stellar year.

Oh and by the way, I decided to post this anonymously for the simple fact that I don't want the folks at my job knowing that I'm publicly voicing my concerns as an employee.  Ahh...another reason I could use the stepping stone you laid out with this contest.

Thanks again for the chance to win something life changing...